Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey

IMG-8783Look what the Easter Bunny brought us. We have been looking for this whiskey everywhere. For months it has been what we ask for when entering a new store. We even emailed the fine people over at Heaven Hill to see where we might be able to find a bottle. They gave us the name of four shops in NYC. That’s a bit of a hike, so we kept searching in our neck of the woods. A few weeks ago we peeked into a new shop and there it was sitting on the shelf. Even at an inflated $55, we scooped it up to take a test and it didn’t disappoint. We have really been enjoying ryes in 2018 and this was a nice addition to the collection.

Here is the review:

Whiskey: Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey

Date: 3/31/18

Location: Home

Distillery: Heaven Hill

Proof: 110

Type: Rye

Price: $55

Age Statement (if any): At Least 6 Years

Color: Pale Amber


  • Nose – Chocolate espresso cookies were being baked in the house when we first started nosing this powerful beauty. Going between the smell of the cookies and the juice we found a similar aroma. Pikesvilles website states that you might find a “Dusty cocoa notes with oaky smoke underneath.” We can’t say much about this oaky smoke, but we did pick up hints of cocoa that mixed nicely with the cookies. On our second visit with Pikesville we did get a whiff of a fresh cut apple that has been lightly cinnamoned. Be careful when you go in for a nosing. The 110 proof does show up here on occasion.
  • Palate – On the taste we get a pretty sweet flavor for such a spicy, high proof rye. It was pretty surprising at first, but soon after that first sip the pepper spicy started to creek up. There is a hint of vanilla that we normally find in its bourbon cousins. Surprisingly the high alcohol content doesn’t create any type of harshness. There is a nice circular mouth feel that allows you to take your time before going in for a second sip. We get a hint of a familiar medical liquid that brings us back to our childhood. Unfortunately we couldn’t put our finger on it.

Observations: We are fans of the Rittenhouse rye which is also a Heaven Hill product. It’s a great rye for the price. We found our bottle for only $22. Not bad for a bottled in bond rye. The Pikesville is aged for an additional 2 years and beats the Rittenhouse by 10 proof. Unfortunately, it’s more than double the price. We were happy to find the bottle and have really enjoyed it, but are not sure that it’s worth the premium price tag. That being said we will enjoy draining this bottle of the upcoming weeks and will most likely keep a bottle in stock for comparison purposes. It’s a very nice pour, but we recommend that you order a dram a a local pub before laying down the money for a full bottle.


  • Recommended with category – Yes
  • Recommended overall – Yes
  • Interesting – No
  • Unusual – No

In A Single Word: Spicy

Our Score: 87

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