Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel BiB Bourbon


IMG_7828.jpgThis is a whiskey that I keep reading about. Everyone who talks about it seems to love it and are afraid that it will be the next one to reach impossible to find status. I see it all the time around me for about $30 a bottle. I pick this bottle up back in November for that price and it has been sitting in the closet with a bunch of other bottles waiting to be opened. Last week I finally decided to try it out for myself and boy are the critics right. This might be my favorite bourbon in this price range. I really like the 12 year old Elijah Craig, but let me tell you something this one is better. If you see it pick it up. I will be getting a few more bottles that next time i head out to the store.

Here is the review:

Whiskey: Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel BiB Bourbon


Date: 2/9/18

Location: Home

Distillery: Heaven Hill

Proof: 100

Type: Bourbon

Price: $30

Age Statement (if any): 10 year

Color: A Dark Amber



  • Nose-I have been nosing this one for awhile now and I think the wood is the main thing I pick up. It’s surprising to me that even at 100 proof i really have to take a big wiff to get an alcohol scent. I get a hint of caramel, but the nose isn’t what really does it for me with this one.


  • Palate- On the taste I get a nice burn on the cheeks and front part of my tongue. This spice is what makes me love this type of bourbon. Nothing really stands out here, but the taste is good. The finish lingers a bit and after I suck all the flavors from my mouth I can’t wait to take the next sip. Taking a very small sip allows me to pull out some more caramel that I could pick up on the nose. The oak from the barrel is definitely there, but in a good way. It mixes nicely with the 100 proof and the caramel.


Observations: This particular bottle was barrelled on 3/12/07. It’s barrel number is 3430. I absolutely love the fact that right on the bottle it tells you the date in which this liquid gold entered the barrel. I totally have a collector’s mindset and being able to get such great information off of the bottle is a big plus in my mind. I’m told that the mashbill is 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% Malted Barley. I do tend to lean toward high rye bourbons, so it make sense that I’m a fan of this bottle. I have to say I have not had too many bourbons at this price level which actually bring a smile to my face. I normally like to try different things, but ever since I opened this bottle, whenever I go for a pour I grab this one. I hope that they don’t change anything about this one. Please keep the bottle in bond notation, the 100 proof and the 10 year age statement. All of it just works.



  • Recommended with category – Yes
  • Recommended overall – Hell Yes
  • Interesting – No
  • Unusual – No


In A Single Word: More

My Score: 88


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