Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon


So this is my first new bottle of 2018. I originally got a taste of this beauty over a friends house during the holidays. His wife had pick up a bottle for him for Christmas at a local store for $180. As soon as I tasted that first dram I knew this would be a bottle I would need to pick up at some point.

A coworker who also works at a local liquor store gave me the heads up that his store had just gotten a bottle in stock. I told him I would love to add the bottle to my collection and was able to score it for $120. I of course immediately opened the bottle, because whiskey is meant to be drank, and poured my coworker a nice two ounce sample, because whiskey is meant to be shared.

Here is the review:

Whiskey: Michter’s 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon

Date: 1/16/18

Location: Home

Distillery: non-distiller producer (NDP)

Proof: 94.4

Type: Bourbon

Price: $120

Age Statement (if any): 10 year

Color: A light honey



  • Nose-From the second I nosed the glass I knew this one was a keeper. I can’t say it’s sweet, but the lack of a strong alcohol smell allowed me to keep at it until I picked up a trace of carmel. This is the note I seem to be able to pull from bourbons. The nose was definitely more delicate than other bourbons I have tasted.
  • Palate- This is one smooth bourbon. There is a little bit of burn on the front of my tongue, but even after giving it a little swish my mouth just wants some more. Just when you think there is going to be a big bite that low tingle just stays and never develops into anything too overpowering. I want to keep drinking it, but know that it’s a “special occasion” bourbon and should really be enjoyed with others. I love the light numb feeling that is left in my mouth. The after taste is wonderful and even my wife, who hates bourbon, said that she like the taste it left in her mouth.

Observations: Although the pre-revolutionary war story is all but BS, I still love this bourbon. Everything about it from the mesh net around the bottle at purchase, to the label, to the liquid … all of it it wonderful. In fact the only thing I didn’t enjoy is how difficult it was to open. They really need to fix that top. I thought I was going to break the bottle trying to open it. I would definitely buy this one again and look forward to sharing it with friends and family on a special occasion.



  • Recommended with category – Yes
  • Recommended overall – Hell Yes
  • Interesting – No
  • Unusual – No


In A Single Word: Decadent

My Score: 91


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